5. ROD STEWART, 1/30/82

Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Support act(s): ?
In the company of: Gregg H., Kitty H., Butch H.

Upon arriving for a visit a few months earlier, my buddy Gregg informed me we’d be camping out at Caper’s Corner that Friday night. Caper’s was a record store/ticket outlet. Way before internet ticketing. So, we slept in the car that cold night, with only Boone’s Farm to keep up warm. When we awoke, there were a few people already lined up at the door. We imagined them tiptoeing past our car while we slept.

Anyway, Rod did not disappoint at the concert. One of the great shows I saw in the 80s, Rod was all over the stage, frequently throwing the mic stand at least 20 feet in the air and catching it. He was promoting his huge “Tonight I’m Yours” album with the #5 hit “Young Turks.” We were on the floor around the 19th row. Great time.

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