Variety Playhouse

Was this Wolf Parade’s final show in Atlanta?

Live review: Wolf Parade at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, 11/12/10

The Montreal band Wolf Parade has announced an indefinite hiatus just days after ending their tour promoting the new release Expo 86 (Sub Pop). The reason for this is somewhat mysterious, as this show was a resounding success, according to the fanatics presentWolf Parade: This Band Kills Fascists - SF Weekly on that evening in Atlanta. But then again, what better time to go on hiatus than after a grueling tour? Wolf Parade has been in existance since 2003 and grown its fan base steadily over the past seven years. Expo 86 is their third studio album, each one subsequently reaching more fans.

Wolf Parade is a unique group, in that there are two lead singers. They trade off on leads or do a bit of harmonizing. Any way you slice it, the vocals are quite dandy. Spencer Krug’s vocal stylings have an eerie resemblance to that of Isaak Brock of Modest Mouse (especially on the excellent “What Did My Lover Say?”), while Dan Boeckner has a striking visual similarity to Nick Cave. Arlen Thompson and Dante DeCaro round out the quartet’s rhythm section, although all four members pass around keyboards and guitars like a virus. In a good way.

The band ripped through an energized set at the Variety Playhouse and kept the crowd on its feet for most of the evening. Several songs from Expo were performed including “Palm Road,” “Cave-O-Sapiens,” and the synth goodness of “Ghost Pressure.”

While Wolf Parade take well-deserved time off, music fans everywhere are hoping for a brief hiatus. For more information and to hear songs and watch videos, go to

Wolf Parade at Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA Setlist

Openers OYA (Ogre You Asshole) hail from Japan and apparently got their name from the movie Revenge of the Nerds. That’s all they got from the movie because their tunes were cool. The heavy guitar-driven pop/rock was infectious and had the crowd jumping from song one. Nevermind that every once in a while, the listener may hear a little Yoko. Just an aftertaste. With broken English, the lead singer thanked the audience, announcing, “This is our first time playing in America.” The land of promise, it is.

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