11. CHEAP TRICK, 11/19/83

Location: Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS
Support act(s): Aldo Nova, Danny Spanos
In the company of: Gregg H.

Okay, just talked to Gregg who informed me that Danny Spanos opened for Aldo, who opened for the Tricksters. As you all know, Spanos was the drummer for the 70s group Redbone. As you also may know, he played drums on the TV them to “Starsky and Hutch.” There’s some trivia that NO ONE knows. And finally, something else you don’t know (stolen from Wikipedia): As a songwriter, Nova’s recent hits include Clay Aiken’s “This is the Night” (co-written with Chris Braide and Gary Burr), which in the US was a #1 hit and the best-selling single of 2003. Ouch.

Aldo Nova could be considered a one-hit wonder with the hit “Fantasy.” My car in college was a ’77 Chevy Nova. It was orange and it was named – wait for it – Aldo. But neither Danny nor Aldo could hold a candle to the loud rockness of Cheap Trick. If you’ve seen these guys in concert, you know they turn it up loud. Sometimes it’s beyond loud and all you hear is distortion. Ted Nugent should loan them his hearing aid…they’ve GOT to need it more.

2. CHEAP TRICK, 3/14/81

Location: Stephens Assembly Hall, Columbia, MO
Support act(s): ?
In the company of: Kathy R., Gregg H., Bev Y.

The Stephens Assembly Hall is not much more than a large lecture room. So it was loud. I recall sitting in the back of the floor section and being deafened. This was my first time seeing Cheap Trick and would see them a few more. Great live band.