New release for Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez and Jon Spencer

NEW RELEASE: Solex Vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer Amsterdam Throwdown, King Street Showdown! (Bronze Rat Records)

Listening to this first ever collaboration among these three, one can only think of that line from St. Elmo’s Fire: “A metaphysical precision collision.” The Dutch goddess of electronic, Elisabeth Esselink (a.k.a. Solex), got the call to work with the husband-wife team of Cristina Martinez (Boss Hogg) and Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion, Heavy Trash) and jumped in. After a few months of emailing and overnight shipping, the trio had their creation.

Overall, Showdown injects the listener with groove, plain and simple. Let’s just say that James Brown would love this album. With the Solex touch making this a unique and excellent sound, a tour is in order. If they can just get together in the same country at the same time.