15. THE PRETENDERS, 8/23/84

Location: Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, MO
Support act(s): Simple Minds
In the company of: Gregg H. and two other guys

The two other guys were the reason our brains were swimming. And it was not the beer. Oh, our childish ways…

Touring in support of their best album ever, “Learning To Crawl,” the Pretenders rocked in a big way that night. Chrissie Hynde was more of a man than most of us in the crowd. She kicked ass. The concert was one of my most memorable and the reason why I’ll always say that I love the Pretenders.

Openers Simple Minds (headed by Chrissie’s hubby, Scotland’s Jim Kerr) was also at the top of their game, just months before the release of their great “Alive and Kicking.” This was two great shows in one. It was a nice, warm Kansas City evening under the stars. Good times.