Crowded House

Live X: Crowded House

Live X: Crowded House at Purple Dragon Studios in Atlanta, April 14, 1994

Beginning in 1993, Atlanta’s 99X (WNNX) alternative radio station began hosting acoustic shows with bands later performing at concerts. These mainly took place at a couple recording studios in midtown Atlanta. Crowded house did their Live X at Purple Dragon Studios (across the street from Catspaw Studios, where I worked, and which also hosted several Live Xs). While it was a given that I would attend all the Catspaw Live X shows, I basically had to make up an excuse and sneak out. There was usually a guest list, and when the door guy called out a name and no one answered, I jumped at the chance.

Only Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, and new member Mark Hart performed at the event. Drummer Paul Hester was not present (this evening would see his final show of the tour as he would retire after). The short, intimate set was a wonderful thing as I had been a big CH fan since first seeing them in 1987 touring with their debut album. After the set, I was able to have a nice chat with Neil. A most talented and gracious human.

Later that evening at the Variety Playhouse, I ran into Nick Seymour before the show. I told him that his cover art of all the albums really helped to define the band. He is a very talented artist (and great bassist).

Crowded House at Live-X, Atlanta, GA, USA Setlist

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