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The Head explore Space with astronomical results

New Release: The Head, Space (DollarShade Records)

The Head has a new album called Space, and you’re gonna need to hear it. The high-energy Atlanta power-pop trio has come a long way since their teenage years and the debut of Puckered back in 2009. This is a dynamic live band who have recorded what must be the culminating achievement of their career (so far).

Produced by Tanner Hendon and Wyatt Oates of Atlanta’s Madison Studios, Space underscores what The Head is all about: thoughtful and intelligent lyrics, the upgraded and searing guitar of Jacob Morrell, the rabid heartbeat of the band, drummer Jack Shaw and bassist extraordinaire Mike Shaw, whose lead vocals have been amped up to 11 on the new release. It’s tough to talk about the highlights on Space, as nearly every song is a potential hit (whatever that means in the 21st century).

“Delusion” kicks it off in high gear and there’s not much slowing down after that. The band’s long-running affinity for certain groups from the 80s and (mostly) 90s shows through here, with such influences as Ride, Spiritualized, Stone Roses and early R.E.M. “Tea Colored Radio” begins with a Cultish guitar intro that quickly turns into a soaring gem of a tune. Space is full of your new favorite song…just pick one. “Impossible,” “Zoey” and “Lilies” with a nice little love song, “You,” in between keep the middle of the album on point.

Potential greatness lies in track 10. “I Wanna Be Loved” hits on all 12 cylinders, with hints of some of those aforementioned Brit bands. A smart and powerful song. Short of discussing every song on this illustrious 13-track LP, just buy the damn thing. You’ll be investing in a great rock band.

Space is officially released August 4 and available on iTunes and Spotify, with vinyl and CDs for sale at shows and at The Head. The band is setting off on a 39-plus city tour, covering most of America and including their first trip out west and to the United Kingdom. See them live soon!

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