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The Pageantry of R.E.M.

Live Review: R.E.M. with Camper Van Beethoven at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS, October 11, 1986

Touring behind their fourth studio album, the iconic Lifes Rich Pageant, R.E.M. have built rem pageant a head of steam which will not fade anytime soon. The band put on their usual tour-de-force show. Such a great live band. Along with promoting Pageant for much of the night, There were several wonderful cover tunes.

Originally recorded by The Clique in 1969, “Superman” was rerecorded by R.E.M. for Pageant. Another great cover was “Strange,” originally recorded by Wire in 1977. The song would be on the upcoming R.E.M. release Document in 1987. The other covers were performed as the final three songs during the second encore. They included “Funtime” by Iggy Pop, “See No Evil” by Television, and “After Hours” by The Velvet Underground.

Camper Van Beethoven had recorded their second studio LP and enjoyed wicked exposure with the big boys.

R.E.M. at Memorial Hall, Kansas City, KS, USA Setlist

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