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They Might Be Giants at The Lone Star

They Might Be Giants at The Lone Star in Kansas City, January 28, 1987
In the Company of: Britt E.

Probably paid a small cover charge at this now defunct club in Kansas City’s Westport district (meaning NO ticket stub!). I They Might Be Giants at Daryl's House | Hudson Valley Onehad recently seen TMBG’s new video – and their very first single – “Don’t Let’s Start” on MTV. Very cool video and a great song (“When you are alone you are the cat you are the phone you are an animal / The words I’m singing now mean nothing more than meow to an animal / Wake up smell the cat food in your bank account / Don’t try to stop the tail that wags the hound”…this may make more sense if you heard it). I recall purchasing their debut CD at this show for maybe $10.

Other gems may have included, “Hide Away Folk Family,” “She’s A Hotel Detective,” “32 Footsteps,” “Boat Of Car,” and many more!

This was probably the two Johns’ (Finnell and Lansburgh) first trip to KC from NY. It was just the two of them and a drum machine. Guitars, accordians, and several other instruments were played that evening. It was loud and the crowd loved it.

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