David Kuckhermann

Atlanta welcomes Dead Can Dance

Live review: Dead Can Dance with David Kuckhermann at The Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta, 9/5/12

Born of the early eighties growing gothic movement, Dead Can Dance evolved musically until 1996, with the release of their final studio album, Spiritchaser, was released. And that’s the last new music fans heard from DCD – until last month, with the release of Anastasis (PIAS). The ensuing tour gave hardcore fans a dose of the new stuff, as well as some classics.
The duo, made up of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard, were joined by a full band. But there was no doubt about who to watch. Perry and Gerrard stood stoically through each number, barely uttering a word between songs, except to give a few thank yous (and that was just Perry – Gerrard only smiled). The bulk of the crowd was dressed in black leather and all things Goth. There may have been a few holdovers from the DragonCon parade the weekend before in downtown Atlanta.

Visually, the duo seems to be from different worlds. Gerrard, with the golden voice, has the look of a royal deity (there may even have been a pale halo over her head), while Perry looks like Mike from Breaking Bad with a voice you may have heard from a Joy Division show. Together, however, they make magic. Each led their own songs throughout the evening, but even those excellent vocals were transcended when they worked in harmony.
DCD opened the show with the leadoff track from Anastasis, “Children Of The Sun,” a seven minute gem that sounded perfect. Credit should be given to the incredible acoustics at the Cobb Energy Centre, but the band rightly deserves it. With a sound straight out of the Middle Ages, DCD seem to have mastered that Renaissance and European folk sound.
A highlight was the Tim Buckley classic, “Song To The Siren” during the second encore. This song was woven into Perry/Gerrard fabric and became their own.

Opening the show was the remarkable hand pan and hang drum artist David Kuckhermann. For those unaware, the hand pan looks like an enclosed steel drum and sounds similar to the island instrument. He also plays other types of drums and tamborine-type instruments. But it’s so much more, especially in the hands of Kuckhermann. He set out to mesmerize the crowd for roughly thirty minutes. The angelic sounds drifted throughout the Energy Centre and no one wanted this dream to end.
The limited banter he had with the audience was appreciative and polite, in his thick German accent. Kuckhermann also creates instructional DVDs which have become highly popular around the world. He has also release his first studio album entitled The Path of the Metal Turtle.
Children Of The Sun, Anabasis, Rakim, Kiko, Lamma Bada, Agape, Amnesia, Sanvean, Nierika, Opium, The Host Of Seraphim, Ime Prezakias, Now We Are Free, All In Good Time

Encore 1

The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove, Dreams Made Flesh
Encore 2
Song To The Siren (Tim Buckley cover), Return Of The She-King

Encore 3

Rising Of The Moon


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