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Una Walkenhorst takes control on new album

Una Walkenhorst is not one to keep things to herself. That has never been more evident una woman cover artthan on her new EP Woman of the Year. Una shares intimate narratives she has ostensibly fought and conquered. Personal experiences have inspired her to become an activist with sexual assault and mental health organizations. Fans profit from these experiences with an exceptional set of emotional and heartbreaking songs. In the powerful “The Woman Who Owned Herself,” Una has penned a decidedly victorious tune, “While you’re on probation I’ll be driving ‘cross this nation singing songs about you / But your name it won’t matter anymore.”

After the release of Scars, her 2014 debut, Una left Kansas City and toured the country. She settled in New Orleans for a bit, eventually making it back home. In 2018, she recorded the brilliant For Tomorrow with her father, Bob Walkenhorst of The Rainmakers. The album was a simple yet exquisite journey into the world of folk music.

“People in the Paper” finds a woman addressing her lover who has prioritized saving the world over saving their relationship. Una sings, “You wanna save the people in the paper / Who are far enough away for you to sleep / You’d backpack your way south to the equator / Before you’d ever even think of saving me.” Una’s honest emotions are on display and – intentional or otherwise – may become sources of strength for listeners possessing similar lives.

Speaking to The Pitch, Una stated, “I think we can all be activists in our own way. We can’t all stand up for every single thing, so it’s about finding your thing. I’m going to be an advocate for sexual assault survivors and people with mental illness and encourage people to vote.”

In this most crucial election year, Una Walkenhorst has become the clear frontrunner for Woman of the Year. To contribute to her campaign, please purchase the EP on her Bandcamp page, buy your own Una merch on her webpage, and/or support her through Patreon. Join Una for the EP Release Live stream of Woman of the Year on Friday, May 1 at 4:00pm CST on Facebook or Instagram. You may also join Una in support of the Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault and Friends of Johnson County Mental Health Center.

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