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Romantics’ Mike Skill releases solo tune

The Romantics have been around since 1977 and are thankfully still kicking. mike skill not my businessCo-founder, guitarist, and principal songwriter Mike Skill has ventured out in the past couple years with solo offerings. In 2018, Skill released “Dark Side of Your Love,” a solid, straight-ahead rocker. And before you ask…yes, he can sing. “Carrie Got Married” was released a year later and may be considered by fans a sequel to The Romantics’ single “Tell it to Carrie” from their 1980 debut.

Skill wrote many of the Romantics’ songs including their hit “What I Like About You.” His latest single is “Not My Business,” a sturdy number with Skill expressing his apparently unsolicited opinion, “It’s not my business / It’s all about you and it don’t mean a thing to me.” He says the song, “…is about someone having everything they need, but throw it all away because at the time they are beyond help.” Apart from penning the song, Skill plays guitar and bass on the recording. Brad Elvis (Romantics, Handcuffs, Elvis Brothers) plays drums while producer Chuck Alkazian adds keyboards and backing vocals. Ricky Rat (Dead Boys) also adds guitar, with Rich Cole (Romantics) and Meridith Lorde contributing backing vocals.

Skill’s evolving art music project is 67 Riot. Check out the new song below and stay tuned for more releases at

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