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Adrian Belew is still a genius

Live Review: Adrian Belew at City Winery in Atlanta, 7/27/22

Adrian Belew has contributed more to rock ‘n’ roll than most people realize, and the 72-year-old dynamo has yet to slow down or rest on his laurels. From King Crimson and Frank Zappa to David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails, he has played with some of the best. Trent Reznor claims, “Adrian Belew is the most awesome musician in the world,” and Frank Zappa once

Adrian Belew doing his thing

chimed, “Adrian Belew reinvented the electric guitar!” Currently in the midst of a U.S. tour promoting his new release Elevator, Belew continues to wow fans with great songwriting and that famous self-taught guitar sound. His touring band, a.k.a. the Adrian Belew Power Trio (with the amazing Julie Slick on bass guitar and Johnnie Luca on drums) has a sound about as tight as they come. The three of them work together with a synergy unsurpassed by many of today’s touring bands.

His work with Talking Heads has not gone unnoticed. Belew will soon be playing select shows with Jerry Harrison celebrating the Remain in Light era, on which he was a major contributor. Belew also added his magic to the Pixar animated short Piper – and won an Oscar for it.

The show consisted of a roadmap to Belew’s life in music, including lots of King Crimson, plenty of solo stuff – old and new – and a Bears song thrown in for good measure. Belew was extremely amiable with the crowd and conversed freely, even taking some questions. He and his bandmates seem to have a true connection, all smiling and enjoying the night. Several new songs from Elevator were performed, including the brilliant single “a13.”

The second of four sets was all acoustic, kicking off with the wonderful “Big Blue Sun,” an obvious nod to his love of The Beatles. The artist is still a genius, as he continues to push the boundaries of any manmade musical labels. What he does and how he does it continues to be quite a mystery 50 years into the biz.

For music and tour info, visit Belew’s website.

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