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R.E.M. Explored with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Live Review: R.E.M. Explored featuring Mike Mills and Robert McDuffie with The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Atlanta Symphony Hall, 9/30/22

After R.E.M.’s breakup in 2011, the four members went their collective ways, continuing to create and be a part of music. Bassist Mike Mills had enjoyed a long friendship with the Grammy-nominated violinist Robert McDuffie. The two have kicked around ideas of working together, and those ideas have finally come to fruition.

McDuffie prompted Mills to create a piece which they could perform together. In short order, Mills came up with Concerto for Violin, Rock Band and String Orchestra. It’s an incredible concerto considering the life he’s led through rock music. Fans were able to delve deep into Mills’ creative mind, as well as find those recognizable R.E.M. nuggets from yore. One R.E.M. tune was included in the concerto: “Nightswimming,” a beautiful and heartbreaking song from the band’s 1992 classic album Automatic For The People.

Mike Mills & Robert McDuffie, “Nightswimming”

Seldom are music fans able to enjoy a rock concert with a full symphony, but this one was special. Keep an eye out as these two may pop up in your city and rock out with your orchestra!

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