Goodmood Moves On

Tim Brown with Jack Shaw
Photo courtesy of Coalesce Films

The origin of Jack Shaw’s Goodmood was to be a top-notch booking agency. When the pandemic hit, he realigned the business plan and Goodmood Booking quickly morphed into the Goodmood Fund, an organization with the explicit cause of helping touring bands through the thick and thin of canceled shows, travel and health expenses, etc. “Cheerleaders for touring artists,” if you will.

Shaw, whose day job had been drummer for Atlanta rock band The Head, decided to provide financial assistance to musicians whose touring came to a screeching halt. For most up-and-coming bands, the road provided the ultimate exposure for their music, and the lion’s share of their income. Goodmood benefactors also included those with medical needs (physical, mental, and emotional), a loss of transportation and/or equipment and instruments (damaged, stolen, etc.), and so many more.

No Earplugs was there for the fund’s kickoff in July 2021. You can read that article HERE. Approaching the two-year mark, the Goodmood Fund will sadly be shuttering its doors. Shaw recently released the news on Instagram:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have decided to shut down our nonprofit operations. We’re honored and humbled to have helped so many wonderful artists. Our grants helped struggling musicians across the country pay for bills related to cancer, therapy, van repair, rent and other situations that can upend life on the road. To those musicians, thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn your stories.

Thank you to everyone else who made our mission possible. You know who you are. We could not have done this without you.

Goodmood started out as a booking agency. Then, we transformed into a charity. Who knows if Goodmood will inhabit another iteration. Either way, we’ll always champion those cutting their teeth on the road… even if it’s from the sidelines.

In the meantime, visit our website (link in bio) to learn more about the musicians we helped. We hope you all enjoyed this journey as much as we did.

There is no argument that Goodmood has assisted many in the music community. An obvious silver lining is Covid has waned and bands are touring again. A visit to the Goodmood Impact Page, highlights musicians who were directly helped from the fund. Here’s just one example…

There still exists a need – as there always has – to support struggling bands. Go to the shows. Buy their merch. Spread the word. Fans are hopeful that Shaw will continue to be a fixture in the Atlanta music scene, and that new music is on the horizon. In the meantime, #supportlocalmusic

And thank you, Jack!

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