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Five Eight keep on truckin’

Athens, Georgia legends Five Eight are readying to drop their eighth studio album, Songs for St. Jude (Chicken Ranch Records). Produced by Mike Albanese, the 17-song double album illustrates just how relevant the band remains some 25 years after their debut. Don’t believe it? Just listen. Go ahead […]

The Handcuffs: Worth the Wait

The Handcuffs: Waiting for the Robot, (OOFL Records) due 9/6/11 “Testing, testing / May I have your attention / We are The Handcuffs / This is a test” Chloe Orwell sings through her bullhorn on “This Is A Test.” The good news is: they passed the test. Hell, […]

Hospital Ships release stellar new album

Album Review Hospital Ships: Lonely Twin (Graveface) May 22, 2011 Lawrence, Kansas-based Hospital Ships have set sail with a stellar new album. The band’s second release, Lonely Twin (Graveface), finds Jordan Geiger exploring places he may never have been (and never thought he’d go). With this meloncholy and […]