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Vectralux Evolve on Follow-up

New Release: Vectralux, The Subtle Extravaganza

Atlanta’s Vectralux released their debut Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter in the fall of 2021, deep in Covid-era America. It was a refreshing escape from the masked doldrums of the time. Now, the follow-up EP The Subtle Extravaganza is raring to bust out this spring.

The lineup remains the same, with Hannibal Heredia handling guitars and vocals, Andy Tegethoff bass and vocals, Dan Barker on keys, and Kelly Shane banging the drums. A visit to their Bandcamp page finds glimpses into the band’s confidence with this description of their music, “All organic, no GMOs. Much better than Cats. You’ll want to listen again and again.” Agreed.

The five-track EP underscores the band’s musical inspirations. If you’re hearing visions of Talking Heads on the first track, “Dopamine,” you’re not hallucinating. Bassist/vocalist Tegethoff told No Earplugs, “Definitely. David Byrne and Brian Eno made some landmark records for all of us – especially Remain In Light. Asked about other influences on the new record, “This is a more organic and group effort than the first record. Kelly and I share a common love of British Invasion and Prog Rock. Hannibal is authentically a 90s alt-rock vet. All three of us were KISS fans. And then Dan has a completely skewed set of influences and perspectives, from Bill Evans to Phish, that seep in.”

Second track “Agonizing Reappraisal” is a pop-rock explosion destined to bust into your pre-frontal cortex and lift your spirits. The tune underscores just how much the quintet has evolved since their debut (which stands on its own merits) with a tighter sound and clearer vision.

On the official release date of April 25, Tegethoff explained, “Inasmuch as it means anything anymore, lol. ‘Liquid Animal’ is the ‘single’ and is streaming free on SoundCloud now. Digital will hit sometime between now and late April. CDs are available (to pre-order) on Bandcamp now, too.” The bassist takes lead vocals on the single, and his voice exhibits some solid emotion, with all members synchronized musically and vocally, harmonies abounding.

“The Top” walks you into a cathedral of synthesizers, then an acoustic guitar merges you onto a highway you will not want to exit. The tune builds to a crescendo with a little help from Shane’s fine drumming. Closing track “Ghosts” is an all-out 70s jam that’ll take you back to the days of America and CSN (if you were around then).

When asked if the April 28 Star Community Bar date be the release party, Tegethoff replied, “Yes indeed. Our CD release, the Warm In the Wake reunion show, plus the mighty, mighty Bea Arthurs. Miss it at one’s peril.” He added, “Much love to Jason NeSmith at Chase Park Transduction in Athens. He mastered this EP brilliantly, and put up with/saw thru/understood me telling him I wanted it to sound like Huey Lewis & the News’ Sports 🤣.  Also we’re back at Virginia Highlands Porchfest Saturday May 20.” 

Visit the the Vectralux Bandcamp page today to purchase the digital version or CD for just five bucks (more if you are a nice person who loves music)! You can also catch them live at the Star Community Bar on Friday, April 28 for the official CD Release Party.


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