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Pertinent Playlist #14: Spoon Take Cover

Everyone who’s anyone knows that Spoon is one of the most underrated bands around. Their style and unique sound is unmatched. However, to hear them cover others is a cover lover’s dream. The order of this playlist is organized by the year of the original recordings.

Austin, Texas band Spoon has been churning out quality music since their debut EP Nefarious in 1994. Three decades later, as the band’s fan base continues to swell, they have yet to become a household name. But they’re fine right where they are. The latest release, 2022’s Lucifer On The Sofa, earned the band its first Grammy nomination. America can be slow to evolve.

Britt Daniel and crew are a fully authentic version of American rock ‘n’ roll. This collection of 10 covers illustrates a diverse set of influences on the band. Check the list then listen below.

“I Just Don’t Understand” by Ann-Margret, from the album And Here She Is… / On the Way Up (1961).

“See My Friends” by The Kinks, from the album Kinda Kinks (1965).

“Hey Bulldog” by the Beatles, from the album Yellow Submarine (1969).

“Breakdown” by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, from the albumTom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1976).

“TV Set” by The Cramps, from the album Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980).

“This Damn Nation” by The Godfathers, from the album Hit by Hit (1986). The only song not on Spotify. Here’s the YouTube audio. And yes, it’s worth it.

“A Face in the Crowd” by Tom Petty, from the album Full Moon Fever (1989).

“Decora” by Yo La Tango, from the album Electr-o-pura (1995).

“Don’t You Ever” by The Natural History, from the album The People That I Meet (2007).

“I Can’t Give Everything Away” by David Bowie, from the album Blackstar (2016).

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