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Vectralux Rock the Star Bar

Live Review: Vectralux EP release, Warm in the Wake, and the Bea Arthurs at the Star Community Bar in Atlanta, 4/28/23

Quality original music is hard to come by these days. If you are into “Power Indie Pop w/ New Wave Habits,” then this might be your new band. Vectralux have only been a band for a short time and already have two solid albums under their belt. Last night at the Star Bar in Atlanta was the official release party for that second recording, The Subtle Extravaganza EP.

The boys kicked off their set with “Hey!” from their 2021 debut Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter. The catchy, hook-filled song would set the tone for the remainder of the show. The 11-song set list was a combo of both releases, underscoring the band’s versatility with pop, rock, and everything in between.

For a relatively small venue, the Star Bar was full of fans and soon-to-be fans. Lead vocals are shared by guitarist Hannibal Heredia and bassist Andy Tegethoff, along with the ultra-talented Dan Barker on Keys and Kelly Shane on drums. As the night progressed, more fans arrived and the volume increased. As usual, the band’s set was infused with tight musicianship and astute lyrics. The band members’ other lives involve some blue-collarish professions far, far away from the rock music universe. Their life experiences and careers have culminated in some smart and tasty music.

“Liquid Animal” by Vectralux (video by Rob Shock)

Openers The Bea Arthurs are exactly what you would expect from a rock band: three dudes dressed as Golden Girl Bea Arthur, wigs and all. What you don’t expect? That Bea Arthur could ever rock this hard. That stuff was turned up to 11 for the entire set and a fun set it was. They even dove into the Golden Girls’ theme song, Andrew Gold’s “Thank You For Being A Friend.” It was a true Maude-lin performance…

Warm in the Wake reunited after a long hiatus, playing some lush, cosmic tunes from albums of yore. In fact, the band hadn’t played live in over a decade prior to this reunion. Vectralux keyboardist Barker played double-duty as an original member of Warm in the Wake. With brother Andy Barker on bass, the lineup rounds out with lead vocalist Chris Rowell on guitar, and James Taylor, Jr. on drums. The Alabama to Georgia transplants still possess a solid fandom in Atlanta.

To hear and/or purchase The Subtle Extravaganza, visit the Vectralux Bandcamp page. While you’re there, drop some bills for Warm in the Wake and the Bea Arthurs.

As always, #supportlocalmusic

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