Bryan Adams

JOURNEY Tour With ‘Frontiers’

Live Review: Journey with Bryan Adams at Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO, July 12, 1983

So, some girl – a friend of a friend I think – needed a date for her extra Journey ticket. I reluctantly (yeah right) agreed. It was a sob fest, with her boo-hooing throughout every How Journey's 'Frontiers' Could Have Been Their Best '80s AlbumJourney love song. Seriously. My only joy was in the music, and I did enjoy the concert. I had already made my move from the high school years’ rock fanaticism of AC/DC, Journey, Rush, etc. to the frat-induced “new wave” obsession. But, it still was an entertaining show, with Steve Perry’s high-flying voice out promoting the new album Frontiers.

Top 40 champion Bryan Adams (Cuts Like A Knife tour) opening the show. It could have been worse. Anyway, tossed the phone number, kept the ticket stub. Never saw the girl again.

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