Live Reviews

U2 live at The Georgia Dome

Venue: Georgia Dome, Atlanta
Support: Muse
In the Company of: Chris & Ethan

Music fans around the world speculate after each new U2 album and subsequent tour whether or not it will be their last. And time after time, the Dubliners return evolved U2 Quiz: For those who have ears to hear - Canadian Christianitywith a new look and sound. This was most noticeable between the rootsy ode to America that was The Joshua Tree and the techno awsomeness of Achtung Baby. The mid nineties were iffy for the members of U2, however. Talk of a breakup persisted, especially after Zooropa and Pop failed to sell as expected. But the band managed to redefine itself once again and land on their feet.

In Muse’s 45-minute set, they also performed “Undisclosed Desires” and the terrific “Starlight.” In my humble opinion, this is one of the best opening bands out there. Strike that, one of the best bands out there. Period.

U2 at Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA, USA Setlist

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