Pertinent Playlists

Pertinent Playlist #9: The New Normal…School is Back (Virtually)!

As school districts across the nation make plans for the new school year, let’s hear it for the teachers! This playlist covers songs about teaching, learning, and how to stay new normal playlistmotivated. The coronavirus of 2020 has become the oversized wrench thrown directly at our foreheads. Here’s hoping all Americans listen to the science and wear their masks while social distancing as we await a safe and accessible vaccine.

So many great tunes relating to teachers, students, school, learning, and just keeping motivated. Most school districts will soon begin the 2020-2021 school year virtually, with students (and many teachers) staying put in their collective homes. This 29-song playlist is sorted alphabetically by band in order to mix it up good. An attempt was made to focus on positive and appropriate songs…so many other songs could have been used, but students may be listening!

The power of music can often have life-changing effects on one’s psyche. Let’s stay positive and do our best to support teachers and learners. This young generation will be America’s saving grace. Listen…

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