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Pertinent Playlist #10: Friday the (Lucky) 13th

For the record, I am not a superstitious person (just a little ‘stitious). Nor do I believe in luck – good or bad. I agree with film magnate Samuel Goldwyn who said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” But Georgia looked this Friday the 13th dead in the eye and accepted the challenge. Today, CNN called Georgia and its 16 Electoral College votes for Joe Biden.

I could say this post isn’t political…but it is. It’s also personal. America – and democracy – are on life support. President-elect Biden seeks to heal the divisiveness of our country and get the coronavirus under control. People, get ready for a national mask mandate because common sense doesn’t come easy for some.

So, here’s the new Pertinent Playlist about luck, being lucky, and getting lucky! There are two such “holidays” in 2020. The first was in March, the day the Covid lockdown began. Today marks a warm ray of sunshine all over the United States. Keep this playlist close for all Friday the thirteenths to come. Enjoy!

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