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New supergroup Tall Poppy Syndrome release holiday single

New Release: “Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)” by Tall Poppy Syndrome

First off, let’s talk about the name of the band. Here’s a quick explanation, straight outta Wikipedia: “The tall poppy syndrome is a cultural phenomenon in which people hold back, criticise, or sabotage those who have or are believed to have achieved notable success in one or more aspects of life, particularly intellectual or cultural wealth, i.e. cutting down the tall poppy.” While it’s not clear on which end of the spectrum the band lands, it is evident the band members each possess notable success. You be the judge.

It is a fascinating phenomenon when musicians from different parts of the globe and different musical experiences come together and create something new. Such is the case with a new supergroup, of sorts, calling themselves Tall Poppy Syndrome. Australian singer/guitarist Vince Melouney was an original member of The Bee Gees in the late 60s, performing on their first four albums. Robin Gibb wrote the song, and Melouney and the Tall Poppies have recorded a reimagined version of the song.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer Clem Burke of Blondie leaves his mark on this one, pumping energy into every beat. Renowned veteran guitarist Jonathan Lea of The Jigsaw Seen brings years of experience and production skills to the record. Alec Palao plays bass and shares production credit with Lea. Paul Kopf of Strangers in a Strange Land and The Seeds takes on lead vocals.

Now that explanations and introductions are out of the way, listen to this song! The band didn’t skimp… “Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)” includes four versions: single, long, unfaded, and instrumental. The alternate single, “Come Some Christmas Eve (Holiday Mix),” offers an additional vocals version and an instrumental holiday mix (both songs include sleigh bells throughout). The single has a killer guitar/drum intro before Kopf sets in motion his unique vocals. This song has a pure 70s vibe while simultaneously connecting with the 21st century. Musicianship is tight all around with Burke sending us back to a solid Keith Moon experience.

According to the group’s Bandcamp page, the song was “Reimagined in a “Mod-era Who performing The Zombies‘ ‘Odessey And Oracle’-style.” To hear and purchase “Come Some Christmas Eve (Or Halloween)” by Tall Poppy Syndrome, visit the band’s Bandcamp page now!


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