Goodmood’s Good Show to benefit touring bands

The Goodmood Fund is hosting their first “Good Show” Saturday, Dec. 4 at Waller’s Coffee Shop in Decatur, noon – 5pm

Back in July, No Earplugs ran an article introducing The Goodmood Fund. What began as Jack Shaw’s brainchild of a boutique booking agency and promotion company has evolved into a nonprofit organization, initially designed to help artists suffering from income losses from canceled tours during the rise of Covid. He has transformed the organization’s mission into assisting bands in need from losses due to any kind of unforeseen emergency, not just the pandemic. Shaw is the drummer of Atlanta power pop band The Head. Since then, Goodmood has gained more sponsorships and is helping those stalwart touring bands make ends meet. From that July article, Shaw stated,

“Once Covid hit, I saw a lot of my artists scramble to make ends meet. Touring was their bread and butter, and with the pandemic paralyzing all live shows, they lost their primary way of making money. They no longer had a steady source of income and could no longer afford rent, groceries, etc. – something that most everyone in the world in any industry experienced.”

Fast forward to Saturday, Dec. 4: the first Good Show, including seven local bands set to play an afternoon of live music. All proceeds will benefit The Goodmood Fund. The fund’s motto, “Emergency Aid for Touring Artists,” has special meaning as local bands will play to raise money for struggling musicians. The lineup includes some of Atlanta’s finest up-and-coming bands including Hotel Fiction, The Future Babes, Bandanna, Tyler Key, Chloe Kay, Anna Field, and Me Me Me.

This is a benefit concert with all proceeds from ticket sales going directly to the Goodmood relief fund for touring artists. Buy your tickets to this all ages and outdoor show here: TICKETS (for only FIFTEEN BUCKS!)


The Goodmood Fund is a member of The Giving Back Fund’s Family of Foundations. The Giving Back Fund is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN: 04-3367888.

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