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Julie Gribble Releases a Beauty

New Release: Kid Myself by Julie Gribble, released 2/25/22

Atlanta native Julie Gribble is not a newcomer to the music scene. She’s put in the heavy lifting, releasing consistently impressive music over the years. Gribble even performed a few times on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson a decade ago. The new EP contains six gems – some approaching heartache – which Gribble described as “Mainly about getting through (and past) an emotionally abusive relationship. This album is the most real and brutally honest one I’ve done and it’s a little scary but feels good.”

Gribble moved to Los Angeles after college, making music for TV and film, and acting in a few things, as well. Of course in L.A., waitressing was on the menu. She eventually found her way back to Atlanta, via a stop in Nashville. Kid Myself is a beautifully arranged work with a tight and talented band, including Atlanta guitarist Jonny Daly, who incidentally produced the record. Daly shared that the album contains, “No trickery, just people playing their instruments. I’ve known Julie for many years. She has a great voice and has always written wonderfully personal songs.” The artist had kind words for the producer, as well: “So basically, I just wanted to thank Jon Daly and all the amazing Atlanta musicians who made this possible! Jon gave me the album I always wanted, more raw and intimate, and I’m so so grateful.”

The record kicks off with the excellent title track, sharing a seemingly victorious statement, “I kid myself, and everyone else / I made excuses for you / Now I look before I step, and thanks to you I can see right through / And right before I go to sleep, thanks to you, now I think of me.”

Regarding the EP title, Gribble shared, “I think a lot of times, at least for myself, it’s about relationships. We kid ourselves and don’t set proper boundaries, let things slide that are not okay.”  As to musical influences, Gribble stated, “Growing up I loved Nina Simone, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Then, ya know…got obsessed with Bob Dylan and all the chick greats like Ani (DiFranco), Natalie (Merchant), etc. She keeps very busy, playing an average of five nights a week in restaurants and bars, and lots of writing. On her wishlist of collaborators, “So many…Brandi Carlisle has been a big one for years. She is an amazing lyricist, so much passion.”

Many artists prefer the safety and security of being labeled, helping them laser focus on an exact audience and fan base. As far as labels go for Gribble, she maintains, “It’s so hard to pinpoint. I’ve always just written how I feel. Sometimes I just think, am I folk rock? I love everything, though. I used to write a lot for film and TV so I’ve written pop, rock, indie, adult contemporary, hooks for hip hop…just about everything.” A commingling of rock, Americana, folk rock, and even some country is about as close as one may get to labeling this artist.

“Stains” finds the singer just trying to get through the day. “I’ve learned through my living how to get by / Proper smile for every occasion and the right words on my tongue.” Heartbreak has many faces, not just emotional connections of the heart, but true fear of loss. On “Coming Home,” Gribble comments, “…it’s a song about a family member who was on tour in Afghanistan, who we thought wouldn’t make it home.” This one especially hits home and is a would-be anthem, as war continues to rage in Ukraine.

“I’m hoping to plan some more original shows soon,” Gribble stated. “I just haven’t done that many in the past couple years due to Covid. Most of my shows lately are not my originals. My music can be found on all the mainstream download sites and hoping to soon make some physical copies too! Now I’m off to a winery gig…”

For more information on Julie Gribble’s music and shows, visit the following:

hearnow / Facebook


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