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Jack White Fears Nothing

Live Review: Jack White with Be Your Own Pet at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, April 28, 2022

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For the poor souls who have never experienced a Jack White show, listen up. Throughout his musical career, White has brought the White Stripes, the Raconteurs, the Dead Weather, and now his fourth solo album, Fear of the Dawn to very lucky rock fans. The 46-year-old Detroit native now makes his home in Nashville where he heads up the highly successful Third Man Records. The new album continues White’s reputation as a cutting edge guitarist and singer-songwriter, who is a master performer. The energy he brings to each live show is unmatched by his contemporaries. His aptly named Supply Chain Issues Tour is fully underway in America, with Europe on the calendar for late June.

On night two of his three-night stint inside Atlanta’s famed Tabernacle, the show exploded with the Dawn single “Taking Me Back,” while White’s guitar pushed the song to ferocious levels. Starting each show off with a big bang has become his mantra, sucking in even the most apathetic of concertgoers. His energy is profoundly contagious and unavoidable. Fear of the dawn? White fears nothing, and is open to take risks on every minute of every song he records, or on any stage he inhabits. Along with several new solo tunes, a full third of the set was dedicated to the White Stripes catalog. In addition, he put his mark on Bob Dylan‘s “Outlaw Blues,” Blind Willie McTell‘s “Three Women Blues,” and an emotional cover of U2‘s “Love is Blindness.” For good measure, he threw in one tune each from the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather.

On “The White Raven,” White goes deep into experimental axe effects, even channeling the very-much-alive Tom Morello. “My motives are invisible / My armor is invincible,” sings White with a tenable commitment. As the evening progressed, White relied on fan interaction and call-and-response was commonplace – none more predictable and astounding as on the show closer, the White Stripes staple “Seven Nation Army.” White began with some bluesy riffing on his guitar, then began stomping, then those chords came. The planets aligned, bringing an incredible night of rock to a crescendo.

Opening the show was White’s Nashville brethren Be Your Own Pet, a four-piece with a penchant for punk. After two albums in the 00s, the band broke up. Fourteen years later, they have reconnected and were immediately asked to join the Supply Chain tour with White. Lead singer Jemina Pearl (who incidentally is married to White’s Third Man Records partner Ben Swank) led the fast-paced set, heating up the Atlanta crowd nicely. Here’s hoping for some new music from the band.

For more info and to actually buy some great music, visit Jack White and Be Your Own Pet.

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