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Live Review: HAIM with Faye Webster at Ameris Bank Amphitheatre in Alpharetta, Georgia, 5/11/22

HAIM in Atlanta, 5/11/22

Straight outta the San Fernando Valley, the sisters Haim (Este, Danielle, and Alana), were raised by musical parents and learned the value of a good melody early on. Headlining their own tour for just their third studio album Women in Music Pt. III (produced by Vampire Weekend‘s Rostam Batmanglij), the band has quickly risen in the ranks of female artists. Each sister is a formidable musician in her own right.

The trio set off with the upbeat “Now I’m In It,” which according to Danielle came out of her recent bout of depression. From the 2019 Guardian article, she continued, “People think ‘Now I’m In It’ is a break-up song because I sing: ‘We can’t be friends,’ but I’m talking about me and my mind. It was gnarly and I was not OK with myself.” Consequently, the album has a darker side that their first two releases.

Exuding the spirit of their home, “Los Angeles” is a beachy melody. With no apparent disrespect directed at the Big Apple, Danielle sings, “New York is cold / I tried the winter there once, nope / Clearly the / greatest city in the world / But it was not my home / I felt more alone.” Another sunny gem is the excellent “Summer Girl,” with the haunting echoes of a saxophone, seemingly oozing from a nearby jazz bar. Just past the halfway point, a Lou-ReedWild-Side-esque bass riff bleeds through the speakers, complete with the “Doo do doo’s.” It’s a comfortable place.

Of the 17 songs performed, 13 were from the lengthy (in a good way) Women in Music album. That says something about the sisters’ commitment to getting their new tunes out there – and it’s a worthy album, receiving the lion’s share of critical and commercial success, along with an Album of the Year Grammy nod. And they’ve employed director Paul Thomas Anderson to put his mark several of their music videos. Also a native of the Mission City, PTA gets it.

The Paul Thomas Anderson-directed “Summer Girl”

Following an energetic and entertaining set, the band returned for a two-song encore, including “The Wire” from their 2013 debut Days Are Gone, and “The Steps” from their latest. For tour information and to buy some music, visit HAIM.

Atlanta native and indie folkster Faye Webster opened the show with “Better Distractions,” from her 2021 release I Know I’m Funny haha. It was a smooth and wonderful intro to what would become a solid night of (women in) music. In 2013, the 16-year-old Webster self-released her debut album Run and Tell. At 24, she has made a name for herself as a highly talented singer-songwriter.

Webster is a fan of a song from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing game, and covered the instrumental “K.K. Cruisin” by K.K. Slider, one of the fictional characters represented by a Jack Russell Terrier (the more you know). Clearly, the fans were familiar and this was a favorite. Touches of Americana and even a pinch of R&B – especially on “Kingston” – underscore Webster’s confidence in genre experimentation. As she continues to evolve, it will be interesting to witness the musical path she is forging. For info on her tour and music, visit Faye Webster.

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