Findlay Brown

Shelby Lynne & Findlay Brown bring soul to Atlanta

Live Review: Shelby Lynne & Findlay Brown at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, 5/15/10

The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta was home to a bluesy evening of entertainment. Shelby Lynne, on tour promoting her new release, Tears, Lies, and Alibis (Everso Records). She emoted her twang-laden song creations to a very supportive crowd. Decked out in a An Evening with SHELBY LYNNE — The Cedar Cultural Centerblack t-shirt, black leather pants, and black cowboy boots, Lynne appears to be a punk/country hybrid. Even her new punked-out haircut was rebelling against The Man.

The Man, in this case, is the recording industry. After years of being “fed up” with record companies, Lynne has started her own Everso Records. Listening to her vent, one cannot help but also hear that big sigh of relief.

Lynne kicked off her first set with “Rains Came,” from Alibis. Most of the evening was dominated by new stuff off this excellent album. Other standout tracks included “Why Didn’t You Call Me?” “Like A Fool,” and “Alibi.” Often compared to such legends as Patty Loveless, Tanya Tucker, and Dusty Springfield, Lynne recorded an entire album of Dusty Springfield songs in 2008 entitled, Just A Little Lovin’ to critical acclaim.

Among the songs performed, were “Don’t You Know I Love You,” “If I Could Do It Again (I’d Do It With You),” “Everybody Needs Love,” and “Come Home.” Brown uses his self-deprecating humor to his advantage, pulling listeners ever closer to his performance. “Must be kind of boring, one guy standing up here with a guitar.” To this, the audience yelled, “No!”

Findlay Brown has all the tools to become this generation’s crooner. People just need to hear him.

Shelby Lynne at Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA, USA Setlist

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